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About the Role

We are looking for experienced outside sales contractors to help us expand our businesses into a wider market. We have 3 individual companies.

This means you can start with 3 streams of revenue. We offer endless capital on all of our affiliated companies. This means as we add new affiliated businesses to the network, you will have the potential for more streams of revenue.

We are different from other companies we create affiliated codes for our sales team. We use those codes to make flyers with QR codes. You put them in designated areas which we will talk about if we move further with your contact.

So, we offer a no-required door-knocking policy. If you want to approach potential customers by knocking on doors, you can but it's not a requirement. We focus on larger crowds rather than individuals. Our way of doing business is profitable and cost-efficient. The best part about it is the website does all the work. The companies are clustered with affiliated marketers, outside sales, and franchisees. The company is 75% franchisees. We work as a team because we want each other to make the most money as possible.

Our franchisees are responsible for the cities in which they franchise. They will be the general manager for the city. Our affiliated marketers focus on a national range. Our outside sales team is independent, but they work directly with the franchisees'. The franchisees need outside sales contractors to help get them more customers. So, we all work as a team to make sure we are all taken care of.

We pay our outside sales contractors 15% of each project. this is an introductory rate. If you are good at sales, you have the potential to make up to 25% of each sale.


  • Must have a minimum of 1 year experience in outside sales

  • Must be willing to work as a 1099 contractor

  • Must be willing to work for a commission-based pay

  • Must have reliable transportation

  • Must have auto insurance

About the Company

Hello, we are Jordan Services, LLC. We are an affiliate-based company. We have a mission to rule the service industry one service business at a time. So, we built 3 different service businesses to start with. The first company is Jordan Assembly. Jordan Assembly is a residential, commercial, and retail assembly company. They assemble home furnishings, commercial furniture, and retail displays.

The 2nd company is Jordan Cleaning Solutions. This company is a residential and commercial cleaning service. They clean houses, commercial offices, storage facilities, and much more.

The 3rd company is Jordan Moving Co. This company is not your typical moving truck company. The company doesn't even have a fleet. However, they do pack and unpack U-hauls and other moving vehicles. They load storage containers and move businesses as they expand.

We offer endless capital on 3 businesses.

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