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Moving Franchise Apprentice

United States

Job Type




About the Role

This position is for our affiliate company Jordan Moving Co., LLC. You will be assigned 10 moving technicians. Our website does all the booking, scheduling, payroll, and staffing, everything is included for free. We never charge anything you will never receive a bill from us. You will be assigned a sales and marketing team. You can have unlimited Salers and marketers even in your apprenticeship. These people are 1099 contractors that are commission-based. You will also have affiliated marketers to advertise nationally and locally as well. You can have unlimited affiliated marketers.

Your responsibilities:

The website is automated, however sometimes customers cancel at the last minute, or a contractor gets broke down and a project needs to be shifted to another available contractor. This is your position you will be the manager of a sales a marketing team. You will also be the manager of 10 moving technicians. Your other responsibilities are customer satisfaction and quality control.

The program is 2500 hours long. Instead of sitting in a classroom, reading books, and watching boring videos. We will get you started with a sales and marketing team, affiliated marketers, and a 10-contractor crew. When your 10 contractors work a total of 2500 hours total, not individually. You will graduate and we will give you your first franchise license on the house. Once you become a franchisee you can have up to 150 contractors per franchise license.

Pay!!! This is what you have been waiting for right?
Recap: we have a free franchise program that offers your first franchise license on the house which renews biannually. So, the pay for this position is $12 an hour per contractor. We pay $12 an hour per each of the contractors you manage. During your apprenticeship, you can make up to $120 an hour if you keep your contractors busy. Once you become a franchisee you can have up to 150 contractors, but your percentage goes up 25% so now you make $18 an hour per contractor. If they all work an hour you make $2,700 an hour

Why do we offer this program?
We know there are a lot of educated people who have been looking for careers focused on their education level. Then once you apply there never are any open positions and now you are sitting on student loan debt.

We understand your concerns, so we made this franchise program to allow you your own company rather than working for another. We staff you, do the payroll, and even cover the general liability insurance during the franchise apprenticeship. The service industry is here to stay, and we are the new-age pioneers of the trades.


  • Must be a career-driven person someone determined to succeed.

  • Must be willing to manage 10 contractors for an hourly rate per contractor.

  • Must be willing to manage an unlimited sales and marketing team. Motivate them and expand them as you need.

  • Must be willing to learn the business from a new perspective without question to obtain a higher sales margin.

  • Must be willing to be professional around our contractors, our sales and marketers, and especially our customers.

  • Must be willing to expand your business to a larger demographic. The program is free, but you must expand your business to more cities and expand. That is what the program is designed for. We are not a company that wants someone to make 100k-500k and retire. We want people who are willing to put in the effort to expand the business. The more locations mean the more staff you manage the more money you make. Are you up for the challenge?

About the Company

Hello, we are Jordan Services, LLC. We are a franchising company. We have affiliate companies we own and individualize them into different service companies. We get these companies and find candidates like yourself to become franchisees of these companies. However, instead of charging franchise license fees and requiring 2-5 mil in liquid capital. We start you off as a franchise apprentice. Once you graduate, we will give you your first franchise license on the house. Everything is free to be debt-free for 2 years and the amount of time you were in the apprenticeship program.

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