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El Jefe Franchise Apprentice

United States

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About the Role

This position is not for the faint of heart it has more responsibilities, but it has a triple profit margin. We will start you off with 90 contractors. We will assign you 3 cities preferably major cities not out in the boondocks. You will have 10 assembly techs, 10 cleaning techs, and 10 moving techs in each of the 3 cities. The responsibility for this position is the same as our traditional franchise apprenticeship it' just in 3 cities instead of one.

The benefits of being an El Jefe franchisee.
You will be a part of our Elite team.
You can add 3 franchise licenses every 6 months instead of 1 like our traditional franchisees.
If you have an MBA or a Ph.D. in Business, you receive a free-for-life franchising license.
MBA and above receive unlimited free licenses. However, they can only add 6 licenses per year.
When the company adds new services, the El Jefe franchisee has top priority. You can choose any open position in any location.

We hire within and our founder is the CEO of each company. On February 11, 2025, he will be choosing 3 successors who will become the CEOs of the 3 service businesses. The pay for the CEO position is 25% of all national sales for that individual service business. Each year for 5 years there will be a 5% increase equaling 50% of all national sales.

The CEO candidates will be graded on the following things.
Highest sales margin
Highest customer service rating
Highest contractor retention rate
Lowest claims
Reserve usage compared to profit margin ratio.


  • Must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business administration.

  • Must have a strong drive for success.

  • Must be willing to manage a staff of 90 contractors in 3 cities.

  • Must be willing to manage an unlimited sales and marketing team.

  • Must be willing to take initiative and do whatever it takes to satisfy our customer's needs.

  • Must be willing to manage 90 contractors for 3 individual businesses.

  • Must be goal-driven and have a successful mindset.

About the Company

Hello, we are Jordan Services, LLC. We are a franchising and staffing company. We have affiliate companies we own and individualize them into different service companies. We get these companies and find candidates like yourself to become franchisees of these companies. However, instead of charging franchise license fees and requiring 2-5 million in liquid capital. We start you off as an El Jefe franchise apprentice. Once you graduate, we will give you your first 3 franchise licenses on the house. Everything is free to be debt-free for 2 years and the amount of time you were in the apprenticeship program.

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