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Free Franchise Apprenticeship Program

Jordan Services has revolutionized business as we know it.  We made a franchise apprenticeship program which is 100% free.  After successfully completing our 2500-hour apprenticeship program, we give our newly graduated franchisees a free franchise license.

A Little About The Program

We have discovered that there are a lot of potential candidates out there that would make great business operators if they were given the opportunity to prove themselves.  So, we created the first ever "franchise apprenticeship program."  This program is free because why should we charge you to make us money it makes no sense.

As a business we must plan for our future, focus on our present, and archive our past and find our weaknesses and learn from those mistakes to avoid similar consequences.  As we plan for the future, we see a forecast of many job opportunities.  There will always be a service business, and we plan to stick around for many more generations serving our future clients with the same amount of respect and dignity as we do today.

Our founder had a dream one day and said "Why don't we restructure our business and make it where anybody can become a franchisee and operate the business for us.  These people don't need any advanced education or past business experience.  He said people that have been in business for a while are set in their own ways and don't like learning new systems and business models.  So, by choosing people with no business background we can teach our system and business model and allow the participant to focus on the only 4 responsibilities of the franchise apprentice.  

Responsibility #1 Manage your 10 assigned contractors.

Responsibility #2 Manage your outside sales team.

Responsibility #3 Advertise the business.

Responsibility #4 Customer response and satisfaction

Instead of charging a franchise license fee, requiring at least $2-$5 million in liquid capital, and wholesaling our products to our franchisees.  If that is what franchising is, please avoid these situations.  This is why we give free franchise license agreements away to anybody that can prove themselves by going through our free franchise apprenticeship program.

How The Franchise Apprenticeship Works

Our franchise apprentices all start off with 10 contractors that perform the work which our customers hired them to do.  You will learn how to manage a small staff and after you finish the program you will become a company with a maximum of 150 contractors.  During the apprenticeship you will learn how to deal with problems like last minute cancelations, wrong addresses, and other scenarios that happen on a daily basis in business.  You will learn about reserves and how much to set back for the future.  The best part is the funds are automatically deducted before a royalty split so its money you will never miss.

You will be assigned an outside sales team and affiliated marketers which will bring customers to the site.  Your responsibility is simple.  You make sure the customers are happy.  If there's a problem, you fix what's wrong.  You have an unexpected expense reserve to fix problems to avoid insurance claims.  You will even have reserves to pay the outside sales and affiliated marketers for your city.  See it's a company that pays you and you never have any bills.

You get paid every time any of your assigned contractor's work.  During the apprenticeship you earn $12 in profits an hour per contractor.  So, if they all work 1 hour each you made $120 per hour.  If they work 40 hours each that will be $4,800 a week.

After your contractors do a total of 2500 hours of work you graduate, and you will receive a free franchise license on the house.  The license renews bi-annually.  If you make a total of $250,000 every 2 year in gross sales then you never have to pay a license fee.

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